August 13, 2011

Colan and Cristy Wedding

NYC couple, Colan and Cristy, threw tradition out the window for their beautiful, unique, countryside wedding at Cedar Lake Cellars.  Every detail of the wedding was completely “Colan and Cristy.”  Almost all of the details were hand made by the bride!  She’s a D.I.Y. queen!  The groomsmen rocked kilts and the bridesmaids got to pick out their own dresses.  They were married in a field, with quilts for seating, and rock music for the wedding party and bride’s procession.  Cristy memorized her vows… Colan cheated and read them off his iPad.  The bride and groom weaved through the venue on a Vespa (a nod to their mode of transportation in NYC and the groom’s nickname.)  They had old-fashioned floats instead of a cake and White Castles for late-night snacking!  They even had a mechanical bull for the guests to ride!!  It was all on their terms, they decided what was important to them and shaped a day full of fun and love…. Colan and Cristy might just be the most original couple we’ve ever met!:)