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Great question. We are a group of committed creatives who love traveling the country, capturing epic and intimate moments, and creating content that drives emotion and results.

When Joe Switzer started this company years ago he knew that if you put the customer first success would follow. That approach has led us to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and turned clients into lifelong friends.

Our team understands that what we do isn’t a job, it’s a dream come true. We try and enjoy all of the places we travel, the people we meet and the hijinx we can get ourselves into. We shamelessly laugh, smile, sing and cheer every opportunity we get, and don’t be surprised if we get you to sing too.

One mantra we have is, “never stop”. We will never stop working, improving, creating, learning or having fun. The question is, are you ready to join us?

International award winning.

Working with awesome companies.

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