Corporate Video

Here at Switzerfilm, we love saying yes! No matter the size of the company or the project, 999 times out of 1,000 we can do it! There is an unlimited amount of video uses and categories. In our experience here are just a few areas we excel in:

Events: Special events are a specialty of ours. We are church mice capturing your event with a small footprint achieving maximum coverage. Trade shows, conferences, anniversary galas…we can cover them all. We can also edit a video highlighting the event to show at the closing. We’ll help you create the content that will drive attendance for the next year.

Broadcast: Running commercials on broadcast television can be a large investment for any company. Our team works with you from the idea to the final export we can handle it all. Your goals are our goals and we are here to help you create commercials that work.

Travel: Every destination has a unique appeal to travelers and it is our job to discover and capture that appeal. From beaches to mountains, rivers to oceans, we bring our passion for travel to these projects and love sharing what we discover!

Industry: What’s better than following a trucker down the highway flying a drone? Doing it in half a dozen states! We love getting our boots dirty while we try and keep our camera clean. Recruiting young talent, securing new projects, and celebrating successes are just some of what our videos can help you with.

Business: Many office-based businesses don’t see themselves as a candidate for video content. We bring fresh eyes and a creative touch into these businesses to help show the world how interesting and instrumental they are.